How to push a one-time command (a BASH/shell command or script) to IGEL OS over ICG?

With thin clients that are managed by the Igel Cloud Gateway, is there a way to just push a one-time command (a BASH/shell command or script)? I know that I could make a custom command and run it during some time during the boot process. With an internal thin client, I could just run it via SSH or a secure terminal, but those are not options with remote thin clients. At the moment, I’ll probably need to apply a custom command temporarily and reboot them, unless there is a better method.

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Is it something that you could solve with a SystemD Timer? Actually I only that option or creating a mini Daemon like script

Possibly… I was hoping for the equivalent of logging in via SSH and running a command once now (and not necessarily ever again). To run a systemd timer, it sounds like I would need to ‘enable’ and ‘start’ it, so even if I put a .timer file on the thin client, I would still need commands to invoke it?

not really: let’s assume you created a Daemon or Scheduled command like /bin/bash /custom/

If you want to get this command runed, create a file called, upload it as file Object in UMS, assign to the devices you want to get involved and voilà the script will overwrite the local one and be called the next time. Can you follow my thoughts or is it just crazy? :thinking_face:

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