How to push Bookmarks to all IGEL clients with the UMS?

Good afternoon community, I have a question regarding bookmarks in firefox with Igel OS. I wanna push Bookmarks to all IGEL clients with the UMS. The problem is every time I start the browser, Firefox creates a new Session folder from browser0 till browser5. Bookmarks are saved in the file places.sqlite. I can’t find a way to push the bookmarks to all clients because each client has a different folder where the places.sqlite file is saved. Any ideas?

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Good afternoon! Do you mean /userhome/.mozilla/firefox/browser0 ?

There is have just one session and the wanted places.sqlite

and that should be the case everywhere. Of course, if deploying several Browser Sessions the number changes. Is that the case or did you searched in another folder?

If not, you could use files in our UMS, upload it ans store it in /wfs/ (if not a huge one) and link it as a Final Desktop command (System=>Firmware Customization=>Custom Commands=>Desktop) with ln -s /wfs/places.sqlite /userhome/.mozilla/firefox/browser0/

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