How to put a pdf file on the IGEL OS Desktop?

Hi l put a PDF file from UMS on the IGEL desktop and it asks what to open the file with. Is there any way to default this to something that would open it with a viewer? It currently asks me for a list of apps to select from

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There’s a built in “GNOME Document Viewer” (`/usr/bin/evince`), or alternatively you could use one of the web-browsers…both firefox and chromium should be able to open them.

Re-reading, you are dropping the pdf directly on the IGEL desktop? And you wish to avoid the “prompt” that happens on double-click. Probably easier to put the PDF file somewhere else (/wfs/…) and create a “custom-application” with the command-line “`/usr/bin/evince /wfs/pdfile.pdf`”, that will open the PDF.

Isn’t “evince” is already the default when you click the pdf file on the desktop? Can you show the prompt you get?

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