How to reallocate licenses in ILP to another Company?

Hello, the office that manage licence has distributed the licence to many public administrations. Now, he want to release the licences from an administration and then allocate the licences to another administration. Is it possible? How ca we achieve that? Thanks. Gérald

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Hello Gerald, do you mean this by any chance?

Hello Sebastien, I’ve read this article before asking here, but to me this article is to reallocate the license between 2 devices of the same portal. Customer would like to “cancel” a pack of licence for an entity and “give” the pack to an other.

Not sure to 100% to be honest… Would you happen to know a way maybe?

Hello Gerald, therefore I would propose to open a license case via the “License question” button in the IGEL customer portal.

Thank you @member !!!

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