How to reduce the brightness of a screen via a profile?

Hello, is it possible to reduce the brightness of a screen via a profile ? For Laptop i know (Setup > System > Power Options > Display) but it’s Desktop computer type AIO

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Hello Jonathan, as far as I remember this feature isn‘t available by default on non-battery driven devices.

Two ideas I would share (but not tested since power management in my virtual machines is limited), both needs to be tested in command line as user (Accessories=>Terminal=>Add a session by +=>Save)

xrandr is usually the way to go. something like this may work: xrandr —output $(xrandr | grep „ connected“ | cut -f1 -d „ „) —brightness 0.8

0 is lower brightness 1 is brightest

if it doesn‘t work replace $(xrandr | grep „ connected“ | cut -f1 -d „ „) by the right output manually. check with xrandr command which output is connected

second one the command igel_gamma

Syntax is shown by adding -help

I would try igel_gamma -gamma 8

I wished to have an easier way and hope that someone will correct me..

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