How to referesh a the Firefox browser on a schedule in IGEL OS?

We use some old thin clients as digital signage boards that just shows a website (Firefox full screen). We recently introduced some web pages that are dynamic, where the content is updated every few minutes. Is there a way to have the browser auto refresh the page on a schedule?

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I don’t see the option to refresh a tab but I may be missing it. Would `Restart` work instead?


Well, without using a separate Browser extension ( I would go for a Browser Idle restart:

Settings in Setup > Browser Sessions > Global > Settings > Restart

Thanks guys – I think auto browser restart may work the easiest.

I have this set on my kiosk but i when the browser does “timeout” the browser does not restart, only if I click F5 to refresh the page then the browser will restart. What im looking to do is have a browser restart every 2 hours.

Then I guess that a conditional command should help:

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