How to Register the IGEL OS with a UMS Server

You now have a working IGEL UMS, and your first IGEL OS endpoint installed. The next step is to trigger the UMS server to find and register any available IGEL OS devices.

If you connect to a UMS server via an ICG connection, you are not required to register the device as that process is performed when setting up the ICG session on the client device.

The following details how to configure the UMS to find new IGEL OS instances and import them into the UMS:

1. Click to select the IGEL Universal Management Suite 6 node to expose a big button prompting you to scan for devices, thus find all new devices.

Click the Scan for devices button to continue.

2. The Scanning for devices windows opens, prompting you to define the network you wish to scan.

For more information on importing and managing IGEL devices, please refer to Managing Thin Clients in IGEL UMS 5 (Universal Management Suite) video along with the Searching for Devices KB article.
If the UMS experiences problems finding your clients, please verify you have connectivity between hosts. UDP should be open between the IGEL OS and UMS. Try the checkbox Use TCP for scanning to help with figuring out if this is the problem. You can try scanning a specific IP Range when Use TCP for scanning is checked.

For more information, refer to Registration of a Device fails, and Device Scan or Online Check fails KB articles.

3. The UMS scans the desired network(s) for any available IGEL OS devices.

4 The Found devices window opens listing all IGEL OS devices that were found.

5 Click to check the Include checkbox of the IGEL OS device you wish to import and click the OK button to continue.

6. The UMS registers the selected IGEL OS devices and adds them to the UMS as registered

If all goes as planned, you should see a happy green OK text.

In general, if the result is NOT OK, the reason is that the device cannot connect to the UMS Server on TCP 30001. In my case, the Windows Firewall was preventing access.

For more information on troubleshooting this issue, please refer to

Click the OK button to continue.

7. You should see your newly registered device under the Devices node, as seen below.

Please check out the License Information section. You will see your license is an evaluation license, and you are also licensed for the Enterprise Management Pack. You will notice the trial’s expiration date.

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