How to remotely remove the IGEL ICG configuration from IGEL OS?

Hi, how can we remotely remove the ICG configuration from a Client? Custom command etc. ?! Thanks.

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Hi DBS, in combination with actual ICG/UMS/IGEL OS:

or did I get you wrong?

It is related to our IGEL OS10 (ICG 2.02) clients and we using currently UMS 6.05. I want to delete remotely in /wfs related files on Client. Manually deleting works over terminal but not the same with a profile remotely and same custom commands.

You could put it in as a Final network command, just worked on my side. Which commands did you use?

rm /wfs/.icg.cfg

rm /wfs/icgcert.crt

rm /wfs/icg-checksums

I put it in final desktop command, did not work.

We favor that this command is not run every time when it’s one time succeeded in deleting the files.

For a supported way: only on actual software versions…

You could script something like if file present, delete it, if file not present, write UMS Structure tag, remove the profile via Admin task and view.

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