How to remove a license on IGEL OS?

Hi lovely Community!

I have a question regarding IGEL Starter License. We got some LGs with in-built IGEL OS but when trying to remove the Starter License and apply one from ours, the license remains in the ums console (screenshot will follow for better understanding)

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Can anyone guide me on how to remove the said license completly?

Thanks for any input

Try this Paulo:

Removal of “Starter license” has a special method not mentioned in the KB.

> How to remove the starter license from the IGEL device:


> The starter license is not a file on the IGEL OS. Here is the command to remove starter license:



> “`bootreg set /dev/igfdisk installation_date INVALID && bootreg set /dev/igfdisk installation_meta INVALID“`

Thank you both for the reply! Milan’s method worked nicely (i have added eset_to_defaults && reboot as well to fully clean the THC)

many thanks!! YOu guys rock

i might have celebrated too soon. License is gone, but on Console side it still shows me that the THC is unassigned even tho i have assigned a WE License

I would check if time / date is set correctly. Could be related to this, since it seems lg related:

Hello Sebastian

TIme and Date are correct.

Could you check bios updates though?

i will be honest, im kinda lost on updating the bios on this LG. if any of you guys could have the time to gude me: LG 34CN65 – IGEL OS 11 FW 11.06.250

Could you in the meantime update to 11.08.440? and retest? I will check for Bios.

successfully FW updated to 11.08.440.01

Did it retrieve a license then?

sadly, no

Which kind of license exactly are you trying to deply?

WE license- interesting is that on the ILP portal i can see the device (i assigned the license via UMS Console tho) but it shows me there unlicensed

What happens if you assign a profile manually by right clicking the device in UMS?

i can assign profiles

My bad, I meant assigning a license manually in UMS.

this happens ^^

Lol, looks good, where is the problem?? 😛 Kidding. If you shadow the device, and go to /license/dsa/licenses

how many files are there? Is there one file with WE license and your MAC?

if you put ifconfig, could you send us the output?

if i go check the said device under Device Administration – Device Licenses i have this

What does the endpoint show in “About” icon —> licensing area?

odly enough, it shows nothing :S

Could you please try this?

should i then reset the igel and try again? @member

this happens after removing the igel license completely, factory reset, importing the igel back to to ums console and assign license manually

will do. thanks for the help so far tho!

FYI still waiting for an answer from the Support :S

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