How to remove starter license on IGEL OS?

Hi Community,

we recently added 9 new TCs to our running UMS. Unfortunately all of those new clients only use an “Starter license” although we have free “Workspace Edition” licenses available

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the strange thing is, that the UMS shows me a used license by the clients mac adress, the client itself shows me a starter license. a reboot does not solve the problem, manual licensing reports “successfull”, but the client still shows the “starter license”.

any ideas whats going wrong?

Removal of “Starter license” has a special method not mentioned in the KB.

> How to remove the starter license from the IGEL device:


> The starter license is not a file on the IGEL OS. Here is the command to remove starter license:


> “`bootreg set /dev/igfdisk installation_date INVALID && bootreg set /dev/igfdisk installation_meta INVALID“`

After that, if is not updated, you can refresh license info:

Other option is reinstall IGEL OS and uncheck “migrate license” option. Then, select “license via UMS” on initial Wizard

I removed the starter license as recommended but now the device only shows “no valid license”. A reset to default changes nothing. I tried to manual license the device, still the same.

Hmm, can you see if the next step in the link I proved helps?

`/bin/get_unit_id -i -r -f`

not really, I’ll check if it’s a firewall problem

ok, FW was blocking port 8443 😭

Good find! All working now?

yes, thank you all for your help!

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