How to rename the Host name on the IGEL UMS?

Does anyone know how to rename the Host name on the UMS? This server is running on an Ubuntu 18 OS. The server OS hostname is 15IUMS, but it keeps showing up as “IUMS” in the UMS.

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From what I recall, cannot test it atm, it changed after creating a backup and then restoring it to be sure that it gets refreshed. But let‘s first find out which kind of Database you are using. external SQL or Embedded?

I assume that you already rebooted the UMS Server right?

We’re using an embedded database. Yes, we’ve rebooted

Ok, then (after having created a VM Snapshot) you could create a Full Backup by using the Rmadmin Application (

and then, restore it through the same application. It should re-initialize the Server name but like I said, I can‘t test it for 100%…

Ok i’ll give it a try. Thank You

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