How to report on if an IGEL OS device are doubled licensed?

I currently found an issue where I have machines being assigned to multiple WE & EMP license. Is there a quick way for me to find what machines are doubled licensed

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I would use a view but change the filter to Licensed:

I have a view built like this, but I cant seem to find a way for me to view the licenses by pack that is assigned to the machine.

And when checking your product pack neither?

I can see the system when I check the product pack, what I am finding is that I will have 1 system assigned to multiple products packs. I guess the question is there away besides looking up each individual to find out what product pack is assigned to each machine?

Case: I was looking for machine bd07 and found in the licensing portal it was assigned 2 EMP and 2 WE packs.

Hi Patrick, the true license is always in the license portal. Log in to the portal and use the search for hardware to see which product pack have the MAC/Unit ID of that client.

Eventually what I had to do it was a bit tedious to say the best. Looking up 1000 machines and finding 40 system that were doubled licensed from UD2/UD3/UDC3. It would be helpful if IGEL could build a report in the ILP to see what systems are utilizing what license pack and maybe generate a warning if it sees the same MAC in multiple packs.

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