How to report which IGEL OS devices haven’t obtained a file?

Looking for some suggestions…I need to push a new SSL cert out to internal and remote IGEL devices and am trying to see if there’s a way to report on which devices haven’t obtained the file. Luckily I have until end of May to ensure the cert is on all the devices, and I expect that most (if not close to all) would have rebooted and grabbed the file by then.

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The only way to report it back to UMS (IMHO) is to use the UMS Structure TAG


if [ -f “$FILE” ]; then

setparam system.remotemanager.ums_structure_tag “file exists.” && write_rmsettings


Gotcha. We’re currently using the structure tag to place remote devices connecting through ICG into certain directories

Hem… Ok, that’s tough then… Maybe use curl to write back to a URL / FTP into a LOG?

curl -u ftpuser:ftppass -T $HOSTNAME.txt

That’s a pretty good idea. Not sure if the security team will allow, but nonetheless, a great idea! Again, worst case is that any stragglers will need to perform a manual reboot or power off/on, or swap their thin client if there’s an issue with communication to UMS through ICG (that’s another reason for reporting is to try and flush out any devices that for whatever reason are not connecting through ICG anymore)

Maybe something like this for client to run…

Thanks Ron, I will take a look

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