How to reset a IGEL Device

Hello all… If I want to RE-install the IGEL OS on my Laptop — booting from USB, using the IGEL OS creator — how do I get it to ignore the “old” install and completely WIPE the hard drive and start from scratch? I’ve tried it twice now and it always says “old install found” (or something similar)… I did make sure to UN-check the boxes, during install, that would “migrate” or “preserve” anything, didn’t help…

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If it is the same version, then just issue the command to reset it

“`reset_to_defaults && reboot“`

Can also use something like gparted to wipe the hard disk before reinstalling IGEL

Good suggestions. Are these commands issued inside, what, a local Terminal Session?

The command Ron is referring to is issued in a local terminal window.

OK I figured that, thank you Jared

OK I tried these. What I really want to do is Format this hard drive, completely (so that when you boot it without the OSC, it will say “No operating system found” or something similar), so that I can install the OSC on a “clean” disk

I found a utility called “RescueZilla”… Using Rufus to make a bootable USB, then I’ll put RescueZilla on it and see if I can format the hard disk and then re-run the OSC…

OK, if this helps others… Using RescueZilla (on a USB stick that I made bootable using Rufus), I was able to DELETE any extraneous Partitions on my Laptop’s hard drive, and then to FORMAT that drive… After that, I used the OSC USB Tool to install the IGEL OS… The big CLUE that it worked was that after a Reboot, it prompted me to go through the Setup again, where I could enter my WiFi pass-phrase, enter the Login information for our UMS, and REGISTER this Laptop again as an IGEL device in our environment.

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