How to reset the zoom mode of the onscreen keyboard on IGEL OS?

Hi, is there a way to reset the zoom mode of the onscreen keyboard? We have a wrong resolution and have some fields not visible at the moment.

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Hi Joachim, did you tried to logoff and login again? Which resolution do you have atm.?

Hi Sebastien, we have the ThinClient in kiosk-mode. We don’t know how we can change it. Yes, we already restarted the system.

Which kind of Kiosk? Appliance mode?

Is there a shortcut to resize the onscreen keyboard?

Not directly from what I recall, did you found out which kind of Kiosk mode you are using?

where can I find it ?

Can you send me a screenshot of the whole screen of your device?

If you open the local config from this device in UMS, Right click, Edit configuration.

What Sessions are configured, under Sessions?

sorry, I can’t follow you. Is there a way to reset the local settings to the templates from UMS? On another client we have no problems with the zoom mode of the onscreen keyboard

Do you have Access to your UMS? I need to know which kind of Kiosk Session you are using to see if I can guide you to the Display Switcher (which controls the Resolution).

In UMS, follow my guidance sent before👍

Then, create a new profile where under:

Setup > Accessories > Display Switch

You add a Shortcut

Ctrl Alt d

and assign the profile. On the endpoint press then

ctrl alt d

and then you can change the resolution.

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