How to roll out Wallpaper on an IGEL ICG managed device?

I wrote down how to roll out Wallpaper on a ICG managed device. Even if it is working with customization profiles most of the time, it is not officially supported on that way, so we found a way to use officially supported features to archive it 🙂

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@member and @memberThank you so much for that, but let me say, that the „not supported“ Firmware customization Thing isn‘t mentioned in any way in the release notes, we should change that, IMHO.

The ICG v1.04 does NOT support the following UMS functionalities yet

Universal Firmware Update

Secure VNC

Secure Terminal

It is documented in the KB:

File transfer UMS -> endpoint device (except for Firmware Customizations > Wallpaper, Firmware Customizations > Bootsplash)

Well, ok, I must admit I didn‘t looked into that document. That would explain the other issue we had!

Anyways I also vote for noting it down in the release notes :=


Nice work!

Credit for finding the solution goes to @member 🙂

And @member 🙂

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