How to run a custom command on IGEL OS?

Hey folks, apologies if I’m in the wrong channel, but I am wondering if there is a way to configure a profile in UMS to just run a custom command on a device? For example to remove a file, so the user just clicks on an icon on desktop and the specific file gets removed. Rather than putting a terminal on there and doing it manually

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Hey Eamonn, you are perfectly right here! I would use:

You just would have to check when your command has to run.

I would look into custom applications as well, if you would like the user to initiate the command rather than running a command at a specific time:

@member would you be able to describe which file and its location to help you choosing between both?

Yeah its for an Avaya application where sometimes a lock file isn’t removed on exit so the app can’t be opened again.

The current method is to add a terminal for the users and manually remove the file from a path like /custom/avaya-agent/userhome/.avaya-agent/

Eamonn, I own that ticket that Erick submitted – I’ll respond shortly 🙂

Aha perfect! thanks! We had been discussing it so I said I’d ask here too

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