How to run an executable on a mounted CD/USB in IGEL OS?

All , I followed the I followed this article to try and browse to that mounting point: , and it works, but when I browse to a folder I see icons with a GEAR icon and can not run (I can open text files OK)..any advise on how I can run an executable on a mounted CD/USB this way ? thanks

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Open a terminal window, cd into folder and then ./filename to run it… Check the permission to make sure you have execute permission. (chmod a+x filename).

Understood , but how to make it available to any end user as they log on to the thin client and unplug/plug the device ?

Well… what is the use case? You may not want people just plugging in a drive and running things…

Use case is that we are using an Ironkey , which end users need to run the ironkey executable on Igel device to unlock …Thanks btw for your replies and advise…

Like noted in the following link, a terminal window is opened and the user needs to go into linux folder and run the commands…

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