How to scale the monitor resolution from one monitor to a higher resolution?

Hello all,

is there any possibility to scale the monitor resolution from one monitor to a higher resolution, that the monitor don ́t support normally.

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Background is the following:

In the past in our company there are only bought 16:10 monitors and now we don ́t want to buy this monitors again because many reasons, currently we buy 16:9 monitors. Now some users complain the resolution and want a 1920×1200 resolution on 1920×1080 monitors. My question now, I ́ve tested a lot, is there a possibility to scale the resolution without the compulsion to scroll the display down to see the rest of the display. Important is, that the resolution 1920×1200 can be used from the user on our rdp-server, is there maybe a solution to configure the rdp client with this resolution or the client with the display switcher or something else? But all solution should not blur the display.

I hope the best community can help us.

Many thanks for your help and a nice weekend all. 🙂

Hello Leon, I don‘t have an Endpoint available atm. but I already achieved something similar with xrandr:

xrandr –output eDP1 –scale 1.25×1.25

Not sure if the scale factor would fit, but it‘s worst a try.

Hello Seb, thanks for your fast reply, I will test it next week in the company. 🙂 And will report back the results.

or you can use my little DPI App

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