How to schedule all IGEL OS devices to reboot at a specific time?

Is there a way to schedule all iGels to reboot at a specific time?

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What your after is under ‘Jobs’ in the UMS console.

You can create a Reboot job and assign that to certain clients or folders.

Take a look here:

I combine this option with update firmware on reboot option at night. Next day the selected machines are updated without further human intervention 😇

That is exactly why I was asking the question.

Works like a charm 👍

You can also schedule a tasks that assigns update on shutdown – assign that to a view that list clients with an outdated firmware and let it run multiple times day. If the user then shuts down its updated. To change it to a new fw just change the view and assign the new fw

why it have to run multiple times a day?

Because clients are not always running at the same time

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