How to schedule the screensaver on IGEL OS

Hi all, Is there an easy way to schedule the application of a screensaver? I have a requirement to activate a screensaver for a specific time period each day, and disable it outside of this.

Should be possible via administrative tasks. Create a view for the endpoints than create 2 profiles (one with screensaver, one with no screensaver) and assign them via 2 administrative tasks on given times.

I had considered using multiple tasks, but was hoping for something a little less clunky. Thanks.

Hi, can you specify the use case a little bit more? Do you need to lock the whole device or a session? If it is a session, which one?

Specifically, this is for point of care terminals in ICU hospital wards. We want to have no screensaver running between 7am – 7pm but have a blank screensaver running 7pm to 7am. Everything else is to remain the same. We use to do this with regular scheduled tasks on Win boxes.

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