How to script removing IGEL OS licenses on next reboot?

So, My director wants to burn the whole licensing down and start fresh. Anybody know how to script the license removal from the devices on next reboot?

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Yes, it can:

• create a new profile

• copy the following one liner into: System, Firmware Customisation, Custom Commands, Desktop, Final Desktop Command

`mount -o remount,rw /license; find . | grep -iRl “.*lic” /license/dsa/licenses/ | xargs -I {} rm -rf {}; mount -o remount,ro /license`

Reboot, wait until it’s booted, remove the profile!

Here is a summary of steps –>

Is the asterisk placed correctly?

@member seems like it might be switched around with the period; right?

“.lic” vs “.lic”

The grep is looking for any file that ends with lic

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