How to send configuration changes from the UMS to IGEL OS clients silently?

I’m curious if there is a feature to send configuration changes from the UMS to the thin clients silently. Usually when we send config changes immediately the end users get a pop up asking to apply the changes. Is there any way to do this silently? Can’t seem to find a knowledgebase article for this.

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Hi Sebastian, yes, there is a way but it may disconnect existing sessions from the user when applying settings. Is that wanted? The alternative would be apply on next reboot.

Not sure if this what you are looking for but you can disable the Prompt user on UMS actions and also you can disable the msg on boot as well. Apply change’s Dialogue on Boot in the remote management area activating the option and unchecking the option and the same for Prompt user on UMS actions. Now this does come at a risk as if you push or change anything that would cycle the device it could causes issues. This is what we run but I also have a setting in there that delays the desktop to provide time for the OS to load all the updates that I send. Been running like this for over three years with no issues. Hope that answers your question.

Hi, Thanks for the replies! This is exactly what we needed. Sometimes we need to push emergency changes and the users shouldn’t get a choice weather to apply the changes or not.

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