How to set a custom Unit ID on IGEL OS

Is it possible to set a custom Unit ID? My problem is, that I want to use the windows environment variable %clientname% on a terminal server, but I don’t want to get the MAC Adress as an answer. I defined the network Name of the unit to “AS-TC002”, which is what I want, but as %clientname% I always get the UnitID(MAC Adress).

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Hello @member, make sure you have the box in the image below checked, and that the one above it is unchecked. Then rename the device from UMS and reboot it.

What are you using to connect to Windows (RDP, Citrix, VMware, etc)?

That’s what I had done and that’s why the Network name is “AS-TC002” the UnitID ist, what I’d like to change

RDP. In network, the think client is called by the netwotk name (AS-TC002), the terminal server shows UnitID as %clientname% though

I think you have to change something on the RDP server for that one to work. I know Citrix and VMWare both update specific registry keys when they connect to make that work, but I am not sure RDP does the same thing.

I can’t find any mention of it when doing a quick search.

That’s the direction I was going with it, also. However, like @member mentioned, a quick search hasn’t revealed anything for that.

One other question, just to verify %clientname% is showing the unitid or does it have ITC before it?

so, the solution is: to take “host name” in RDP settings in UMS! 🙂

Oh, yea…that’ll do it 😛

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