How to set a default page in a google custom partition on IGEL OS?

Hi all, is there a way set a default page in a google custom partition on igelos?

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Hi Jimmy, before speaking about the CP: you are aware that we are offering a Chromium Browser inside of our OS, right?

Hi Sebastian! yes we know… but at the moment our WMS application requires Chrome as supported Browser. We allready reached out today to them to see if they can support Chromium or Firefox as well

but in the meanwhile it would be nice if we could set several desktop url’s with our google custom partition

I would have to lie but I was doing it by adding the parameter to the custom application:


Great! But i received this cp from Igel themselves? How can i add stuff to that?

In your CP Profile, you should have under:

System, Firmware Customization, Custom Application

an app for your chrome. Edit it and there under command, add the


If that doesn‘t work, please paste the command here.

ok lets see

“/usr/bin/google-chrome-stable.igel –incognito –disk-cache-size=100000000

ok found it

so i can adjust that url overthere… so we need to duplicate a CP for every URL that we want to show ?

No, you could create a new profile with a separate URL per profile, or even smarter, work with Template Keys:

aha let me look into that!

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