How to set a IGEL OS local task to reboot the device daily/weekly vs using UMS?

Is there someway to create some sort of local task that restarts the machine daily/weekly or resets the network connection, instead of relying on the UMS tasks? Since usually the ICG devices can go offline if the ICG is rebooted.

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Create a cron job …

Yes, systemd timers or cron jobs are available on IGEL OS. But this tasks are a bit out of control, IMHO.

I would rather think of use one of them, check if ICG is offline, if yes show notification and then reboot.

Really — why do you need to restart? For example, you could have it that once user exits Citrix. for example, the system reboots.

We do use vmware, so that could be an option.

@member are there any currently known profiles created that can check if ICG is offline and reboot?

@member something like this?


Thanks. I’m testing this

@member @member Whats your thoughts on just running a command to reset the network adapter like the profile that Sebastian has created in the past using this:

systemctl restart network-manager && sleep 5 && get_rmsettings && killwait_postsetupd

You might have missing rights but that looks good !

And just in case, it wouldn‘t work as expected, Systemd-timers are there:

systemd-run –unit=”yourscript” –on-calendar=”Tue -*- 01:00:00″ /wfs/

and here the cron one:

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