How to set a VMware Session to Disconnect itself after X amount of time on IGEL OS?

Is it possible to set a VMware Session to Disconnect itself after X amount of time? Like 15 minutes? The screensaver setup works great, but we have 2FA on our VMware Login and was looking for a way to force this when a user leaves their desk for more than 15 minutes. The screen saver and everything works great, but after 15 minutes it just allows them to put in their password on the VM.

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It should! Did you had a look at screensaver and conditional command?

It will start a command after a certain amount of idle time you defined in the profile.

Thank you! I’ll take a look

This would basically mean the PC would reboot every X amount of time then all day long right? For machines that aren’t being used?

I do like the “Suspend on Inactivity” since it does close the Active VMWare Session. However the PC requires me to push the power button to power it back on. Any possibility to have the keyboard or Mouse “wakeup” the PC?

You could also use the vmware logoff process (can‘t check exactly the command atm) instead that would just logoff the session OR use the command logoff to logoff the local endpoint user in linux. This results in a direct relogon and if configured restart of the vmware login process.

Wakeup on keyboard press is IMHO only available on some foreign Bios vendors like Fujitsu, but on our owns, I would say no.

Ok thanks! Sounds like the log off the session would be the best option then @member

I can’t seem to get this to work

Can you share the concerned profile?

Yes I can

I was trying a few different things suggested, but this is what I just have as the last thing i’ve tested

Good News, I think i got it working

however im running into a weird Number Keypad issue now with this process. I’ll update you after more testing @member

This Profile Worked For Me to Disconnect a VMware Session after 15 Minutes of Idle.

looks like numlock may not be an issue

Awesome! Great Job!!

This profile might be worth experimenting with.

Cool thread. We will definitely take a look at this. Thanks @member! Also thanks for sharing @member

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