How to set the correct time timezone on IGEL OS

Hello, I have been unable to get the correct time on the IGEL OS and when logging into my VDI session the time is also incorrect. I am using EST and have tried several options including adding the URL/IP of multiple like but nothing seems to give me the correct time. Any ideas for someone that is trying to get the time synced to est?

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We set it here and it works. Because we are in multiple time zones we have profiles for multiple zones that apply to Directories.

I understand that part. I have EST time set but it seems as thought the IGEL OS is not taking the correct time, however after i log in through vmware it reflects the correct time zone. For example I al using gmt -5 for EST and the IGEL OS time is incorrect but then I log into VDI through vmware and it uses the correct time

What time are you seeing on the IGEL, vs the time you are expecting?

Could you try `timedatectl` command and show the output?

Note that synchronized shows “yes”


Local time: Tue 2023-08-08 15:57:10 EDT

Universal time: Tue 2023-08-08 19:57:10 UTC

RTC time: Tue 2023-08-08 19:57:10

Time zone: America/Toronto (EDT, -0400)

System clock synchronized: yes

NTP service: active

RTC in local TZ: no“`

so its showing America EST but my time is clearly not reflecting that

@member What’s wrong with it? Isn’t 15:28 EST the correct time for you (when picture was taken) – 3:28PM?

I guess my question is what time zone am I changing it so that it uses only the 12 hour clock for eastern standsard time

Oh…so you don’t want to display 24-hour time. That’s the only problem?

Yes correct! I’d like to first change the time zoom to only show 12 hour time for east coast America. Additionally, Id imagine that the same time in the IGEL OS will be passed down to our VDI enviorment?

How to change the IGEL OS time format from 24 hour to AM/PM?

And regarding where the VDI gets it’s time settings – there would be a setting for that for your VDI environment: usually from endpoint, or uses a fixed config setting.

now that makes perfect sense!!! I was so confused didnt know there was a reg key edit! Thank you!!

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