How to set the machine name of IGEL OS?

Hi we are deploying IGEL thin clients. we have imported tc names with Macadresses. whe have set the adjus netwrok name if UMS-internal name has been changed but sometimes the machines won’t get the right network name.

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How can i fix this. and is it posible to correct this for the machines that are incorrect in 1 action? or do i need to rename the TC to other name and back and reboot the TC after this ?

Hi Gideon, first two questions: Which UMS Version and which Igel OS Version?

Sometime, it needs one additional reboot to get the right name. How did you imported the names? With CSV import?

Hi we’ve imported the names with CSV import. we use ums 6.02.110 and os the computers have been rebooted serveral times last week but it doen’t changes the networkname. it seems like it doesn’t recognise it as a name change so it also not changes the network name.

When you right click the device, Edit configuration, Network, Lan Interface, which Terminal name is shown there?

Can you also check in a terminal what hostname is set on endpoint side with:

cat /etc/hostname


I looked in /etc/hostname there is an incorrect name (ITCXXXX) and in configuration ther is no terminal name

Ok, can you right click the concerned the device, other commands, Settings UMS=>Device, Reboot and check the hostname again with cat?

After reboot the hostname stays an incorrect name after reboot.

Ok, thank you! What happens when: renaming it by right click, rename, to another name? does it work then after a reboot? Second thing: right click the device, Edit configuration, Network, Lan Interface, and set the hostname there. Does it work then?

Yes after renaming it is correct.

I don’t believe it will fix the issue but an UMS Update might help:

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