How to set the preferred webcam in a VMware Horizon session on IGEL OS?

Question on Web Cams. Has anyone had a Wyse 5470 Thin client Laptop with built-in Webcam on a doc but user wants to use a external USB Cam plugged into the Doc so to get better quality and not have to have the laptop open while docked. when it is in the doc it can see that there are two WebCams installed but defaults to the integrated webcam which does not work as the laptop lid is closed in the dock. Just wondering if anyone else has had this setup and how you addressed it so that it pulls the correct camera while on the dock and then uses the integrated when it is not.

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Is this on VMware Horizon or Citrix?


There is a way to select the preferred webcam:

AFAIK there is a IGEL Registry key for this as well, but I’m not on my work PC right now

You could run some sort of script to detect if the Dock was present, and then select the correct webcam based on that

I will check it out and see what I can do with it. Thanks!

David’s right there’s a IGEL-OS Reg key which you can use to specify which webcam RTAV should use. But is RTAV used in your case @member? I mean for s4b or zoom vdi, RTAV is not used.

Yeah, I was thinking the same think, Just have to get all the parts together to test locally. it is only one user at this point so not a supper high priority a this time, but this info will help when the time comes.

The problem with the local webcam tool is that it just uses /dev/video0 without a possibility to choose.

For quick-n-dirty test a script could rename the node names, though.

any way to launch the tool with a cmd option to use a different cam? No biggy ether way. I have to wait till they ship me a camera that they are using. Some new Generic one that was never tested

webcam-info is hardcoded to video0, as I said. But sed is 8-bit-clean, if you know what I mean.

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