How to set unused IGEL OS licenses back to deactivated?

If a large block of licenses is activated in UMS accidentally before splitting the pack out, is there any way to set the unused ones back to deactivated? I split the pack out after activation, but it shows them as all activated now and I can’t find any way to put this back to deactivated.

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I believe the pack is activated as soon as you add it to ILP, but you should be able to remove any hardware that was added to it if you intended it for different devices

@member Unfortunately not. Like Chris indicated, as soon as one license of a Product Pack is activated, the period of validity begins, and the expiry date of all licenses is set to the same value. Please find more information here:

When the license Distribution Method Manual and Automatic Distribution are both set to disabled, is there any automatic way it can use the next pack? In other words, do you have to manually set the Automatic Distribution to Enabled, or Enabled with Conditions before any licenses are used?

You have to enable automatic distribution in order for them to check out. However if you link the product pack to UMS then it activates the license and starts the timer

what abt renewal?

If you purchase 100 licenses and split it by 20/80.

When you activate 20 in april 2020 and the other 80 in august 2020 you have a split maintenance end times.

How’s the renewal process here?

I know the devices are working but without maint you will not get new OS and we all know Murphey, that there will be a new OS which will fix a major issue you have in that “gap” 🙂

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