How to Setup Email Notification if an IGEL Thin Client is Unresponsive

Hi All, I have recently rolled out Thin Clients operating IGel OS11, I’m wondering is there a way I can set up email notification if a Thin Client is unresponsive and changes from ‘Green’ to ‘Red’? Might be in the wrong thread but said I’d ask. Greetings from Ireland 🙂 :flag-ie:

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Are you accidentially using ControlUp? Then the answer is yes (depending on your license though) 🙂

Hmm, maybe. Are you wanting to know even if it just got rebooted it just is it’s offline for a period of time?

Both would be great, I would like to know if one would go offline and an email notification can be sent out to a specific amount of users.

You could create a view based on whether the device is “Online”. Then create an Administrative Task to Export the view and email it. Have the task run every X minutes. (see image inside the IGEL Community on Slack)

You the man!!! I’ll test this out now. Appreciate your help on this!

my pleasure

🙈 How does one create a new view??

right click on that and select new view

then just follow the wizard

Were you able to get it?

I can provide more details if needed. I do apologize for the short answers. I had a VP contact me during that time that I was helping with an issue.

I was able to get it going. Just need to tinker around with some settings. But all good. Thanks David, really appreciate your time with my request. Hope you have a great day…

Awesome! You, also.

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