How to setup IGEL ICG in a cloud hosted environment – Does IGEL offer a hosted solution?

Hi everyone. As so many are in a rush to remote work, I’ve been researching our options on setting up a ICG as right now we only have UMS running within the company network. Specifically we are looking into a cloud hosted deployment rather than have to maintain our own Linux server hosting it within a DMZ. Am I correct in assuming IGEL, the company, does not have a hosting service like Azure or AWS for this purpose?

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not to my knowledge. They do have instructions on how to set it up in AWS. It’s part of the community Getting Started Guide

Hi Joshua, correct, we do not offer a own Appliance on AWS / Azure / etc… You are free to build your own one, there, the postion of ICG can be more or less everywhere. They are a few Webinars planned, here:

Thanks Seb. Already signed up.

We are looking at putting this in our DMZ. Is the best recommended practice to put our SSL cert directly on the server?

You mean a Wildcard / Public CA cert? Yes, that would make sense!


another question, we converted our SSL cert to the required .pem version but when I follow the steps in the KB article, it doesn’t give me the options to go to “NEXT” or to delete other selected certs.

Fixed this particular problem but on to the next. When installing from the .bin I get this:

Dumb question maybe but the Host described in your Screenshot is:

1) reachable from UMS by SSH

2) the Remoteuser you are using is allowed to get Sudo


Followed steps to enable SSH on the command line of our Ubuntu Server VM. Checked to see if it is enabled. Used the same account to enable it with Sudo commands. My Linux game is, however, quite weak. 😉

Great! And you checked also that the UMS Server can SSH the ICG? Easiest way on Windows, download Putty and try to connect to the ICG Box.

Will try that next

Yep, it was an SSH issue. Successfully installed. Thanks gents.

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