How to setup multidisplay on IGEL OS5

Hi everyone,

am trying to put 2 screens to an Igel UD5 (2 x DVI), OS 2 I activated 2 screens in UMS, but every screen identifies as screen 1. I want to extend the desktop on 2 different screens. I don’t know how to do it, please forgive me to be an absolute beginner in igel administration 🙂 Anyone who can help?

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OS5 is really an old firmware version, but you can do it:

and is recommend to update to latest version:

Software Downloads – Former Universal Desktop and Legacy Versions

Doesn’t work. I see just a mirrored screen. By activating hotkeys fpr Display i get an error “Unable to start Xfce Display settings – unable to query the version of the RandR exension being used”

Then, you need to configure Multi Monitor on your session, too:

It doesn’t make sense to me: if the igel OS just indicates one monitor, how will a rdp session extend a picture on two monitors? I guess first the igel has to realize that there are two different monitors.

Then, Cannot select 2 on “Number of screens”?

Are you using any split video cable or something similar?

First cable is DVI to DVI

Second cable is DVI to HDMI

I cannot select number of screens, it is locke


OK. Now I see the problem.

Is locked because has assigned a profille from UMS and you cannot modify it locally.

You need to modify profile o quit it

Where do i have to modify the profile in UMS?

Oh found it

But still the same problem, the igel finds just one screen and mirrors it

Then, you need to verify if is locked Multimonitor mode option on your session configuration (Window), too

Must to be “Expand fullscreen session across all monitors”

It is set to “Expand fullscreen across all monitors”. But this is like i said: as long as the igel cannot identify 2 different monitors, then the rdp session cannot expand the picture.

The problem is still that both monitors are “screen 1”

Could you test with another device with firmware 11.08.360? Just to confirm if is a video driver issue

It is not possible to put firmware 11 on Igel H700

You are right. :man-facepalming:

I saw on hardware specs that have 1 DVI-D and 1 DVI-I. Problem persists if you change monitors and cables?

Test with other monitors and connectos (DVI to VGA monitor can be a good test).

I hope that you can solve it. 🤞

It is not working. Old hardware….

So i will stop trying this, the places will just get one monitor.

Bruno: thank you very much for your help, stay blessed!

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