How to setup OpenVPN, for each client I need a different certificate

Question about OpenVPN: i have to setup igels with openvpn connections. for each client i need diffrent certifcates. is there an option to define common openvpn settings in an (upper) profile and only the openvpn username/password/certificate in an extra profile assigned directly to this client. in my test i will get 2 openvpn sessions with the same name.

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Ths might work if you use Tempate Keys and Groups:

ok, didnt see before… cool. One more Question: why cant i use static template keys. a double click on on for example hostname does nothing

${HOSTNAME} is also not working

Static template keys are not visible in the navigation tree; their values are received directly from the device. The following static template keys are available:

• MAC: MAC address of the device

• HOSTNAME: Host name of the device

• UNITID: Unit ID of the device

i’ve read about it. but how to use it ?

nothing works so far

Simply type HOSTNAME in the field (eg. Name of the OpenVPN Session) or with curly brackets or …?

If you use it like this, as an example, as soon as this profile is assigned, the browser will call a Website:


ahhh.. with a §… not a $ leading the key name. is this noticed in the manual? maybe i missed it. but it works. Thanks so far

Very good support!!!

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