How to shadow IGEL OS devices over ICG?

Anyone know how to Shadow an IGEL that’s not on your internal network?

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Looked ICG

Hello Alan, you would need to use an IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) and be updated to a later 11.02 firmware. This also requires an EMP license for each device that will be external.

Both are in place

Did you enable Secure Shadow on the device via profile, or the global setting in UMS?

Humm, let me check

Or where is that setting

Ok, just enabled

Do you try to connect or is there another setting that needs to be enabled

That really should be it. You may have to reboot the device after it is in place.

Ok, I’ll try now, thanks.

no dice

It may be an issue with the certificate at that point.

Can you try removing the UMS certificate, then storing the certificate back?

If that doesn’t work, try deleting the device, removing it from the recycle bin and then adding it back via ICG to see if that gets it.

Got it. I’ll try that as soon as I figure out this Citrix Workspace Browser button. Trying to have the Blue Citrix Workspace ICON go directly to a web browser

Ensure you create an internal dns entry for that match you’re ICG external fqdn that points to your ums server, ex: This will ensure the certificate authentication pass when connecting via secure vnc.


Does it work?

Let me check

To quickly test, create the dns entry in the host file of the ums server and then launch the console from that same machine and try to shadow an icg connected device.

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