How to sort the icons on the IGEL OS desktop

Is there an option available to sort the icons on the desktop? Using IGEL OS 11 with reduced desktop (no taskbar, just session icons and reboot/shutdown. Would like to have the icons in a specific order

Hi, for the moment only by using some directories on the Desktop. A properly spoken sorting feature isn’t available by default, will check if there is a script magic possible but can’t promise it.

Basically, the Desktop Icons are listed Alphabetically 0-1, a-z, sometime Sessions like a Terminal is named as 00220_xterm_000.desktop and goes to the top, even if the name “local terminal” would sort after D a.e.

So, without any kind of warranty, you could do the following:

1) locate your Shortcuts (terminal, root): ll/userhome/Desktop

2) rename the Sessions you want to order, in a Numerical order:

mv 000700_pnlogin_000.desktop 100700_pnlogin_000.desktop

If that works, you could put that commands in a Custom Command After desktop Starts.

Hope that makes sense.

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