How to start a Java application inside IGEL OS 11

Does anybody how to start a Java application inside Igel OS 11 we call the application to a URL but if we use it inside firefox it tell us that Java is blocked by the organisation but everything is correctly setup inside the Javamanager

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Hi Vincent, following Oracle’s announcement regarding licensing for the JDK, IGEL made the decision to switch to an OpenJDK version of Java for OS11. OpenJDK is a free open-source alternative to Oracle JDK but Java Webstart is not part of this, since it was never released as open-source. This means that for now, IGEL OS 11 does not support Java Webstart. This is stated in the release notes for OS11.

Thank you for the reply We will test if we can have OS10 or lower and see if we can setup it on that OS

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