How to switch the primary/secondary monitor via IGEL UMS Profile?

hi, is it possible to switch the primary/secondary monitor via ums profile? I’ve only found the arrangement of the monitors 1/2 2/1. Thanks

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Hi, by default, the primary screen is the one where the taskbar is situated.

So, yes!

hi, thanks for the response – after login the symbols are on the secondary screen…only the igel start menu is on the right screen – in combination with citrix every symbol is on the left

Can you maybe double check if using the display switch solves your issue:

this are the settings I’ve used:

Looks good even if I would start in extended mode, no smart config.

with the arrangement right/left –> the right one is the primary und the left monitor is the secondary, the settings shell be piped through windows also, isn’t it? with this settings also the igel login screen shows the dialog on the left one.

I didn’t asked, which frmware are you using?


you could try to update to 11.02.130, since we fixed a few issues there!

I am having the same issue, randomly, when doing firmware updates (on every OS, 10 and 11).

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