How to terminate a Browser when Horizon Session ends?

Hi guys running 11.08.360 and using vmware horizon client that opens in a firefox browser that brings user to workspace URL. The issue is that when the user is done with their VDI session they sign out and the firefox browser ends up staying up on the IGEL OS, when the staff log in the next morning they see the firefox browser still open and click “click here to sign in” but get acccess denied because the browser is still thinking its an old session. Is there a way to auto close firefox and or the vmware horizon client on IGEL at a specific time so when the user logs in in the morning they have to reclick the client & a new browser opens up?

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VMware post-session command set to ‘logoff’ should suffice:

basically if the Horizon Client closes, clean up the entire desktop (and then relaunch Horizon to the login screen, if you have it configured to autostart)

I believe the horizon client is already closed when they sign off VDI, what remains is the firefox browser that says “click here to sign in” would the post session command set to logoff also close the firefox browser? Additionally our users also have the ability to disconnect as opposed to logoff. Would disconnect also apply to this post session

yes and yes – the post session command would trigger when the Horizon Client process stops

Great thank you 🙂

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