How to to logoff automatically when AVD on IGEL OS ends?

Hey guys, i’m testing currently a possible Setup with Igel & AVD. I was able to configure SSO with Azure AD and autostart the AVD sucessfully, which looks very nice! What i’m missing is when a user logs out, that the Igel will logout the SSO session as well. Is there a possible setting for this? Also, i was only able to test it without MFA as Securitykey’s aren’t working properly yet and the MFA with the Authenticator is not an option we have. We would like to setup something like Windows Hello for Business PIN, which is Hardwarebounded. The AVD will be a pooled Hostpool. Is there anything else besides a Username / Password configuration to login to the Thinclient with the AAD credentials?

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Hey Marc, give this a go: (Post session logoff)

Hey Dan, great, that looks exactly what i’m looking for, thnx for the help 👍

@member Hey Dan, this seems to be for Igel OS 11.08.330, i’m trying out Igel OS 12, where i don’t find the setting accordingly

Hi Marc,

Let me check, maybe not in OS12 yet, am not in front of a device atm but will reply soon as I can 😉

Had a quick look at documentation and its not showing in OS12 (at least not in the same place):

thnx again, what a great community, wow!! i saw that as well and will play around with it to see, if i can accomplish it with that

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