How to trigger a browser restart when a user logs off from the Citrix Storefront in appliance mode?

Can we somehow trigger a browser restart when a user logs off from the storefront in appliance mode? We have it implemented when the Citrix session closes but if the user doesn’t start a session and just logs off from the storefront this won’t restart the appliance mode unfortunately.

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You mean logging off from Storefront in the firefox itself?

With a simple logoff, the appliance mode cannot be restarted. But I suppose that the Self-Service appliance mode can help you.

For something similar I just put a very short time out on Storefront so once the user log out of the desktop the Storefront browser (FF) has already gone back to the logon screen ready for the next user.

@member but this does not trigger the alt-ctrl-del screen of the appliance mode, right?

That’s correct, it’s purely just the Firefox browser, and Storefront doing the timeout.

The problem is when using SAML on Storefront, logout doesn’t work without closing the browser. That’s why I am looking for something similar to the browser restart feature when logging off from the Citrix session.

We don’t launch the storefont website. We have a login on the TC that authenticates with AD and then the storefront apps/desktops available to the user are placed on the IGEL desktop. If the user logs off without doing a session, it just goes back to the login screen.

@member Yeah I tested this as well. In my case I want to go to the Storefront web to use SAML authentication from Auure AD. This doesn’t work yet with the Linux receiver.

ah, gotcha

I wonder if you could some how add a script that would run on logoff to kill the browser

Have you tried to achieve this with starting a browser app? We moved from aplliance mode to browser mode (looked like appliance mode @ the end) because we ran into limitations of the appliance mode which don’t exist when you start the browser in full screen mode

Maybe that’s something to consider. However I love the appliance mode on our Igels for it’s simplicity and the ability to keep the users away from anything the don’t have to know, see … and click 😉

Yes – we had the same. But it was not hard to create an “own” appliance mode (and thus not having the configuration limits of the appliance mode). the result looked exactly the same. User only was able to see storefront, login and start desktops or apps

maybe @member can share the configuration profile?

Sure! You can download the custom kiosk browser here:

Awesome, thank you Tobias @member

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