How to troubleshoot IGEL OS thin clients restarting from time to time without reason?

Hi all!

from today some of our thin clients are restarting from one to another moment – without any user action.

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sadly the logging was turned off til that – now I turned it on in Global Configuration.

would this be a beginning where to search for the restart reason? or is there another TC-log? where we can check why the clients restarted?

thanks in advance!

Hi Karsten, yes, at leats ther eyou culd check if there a command sent to the device!

On endpoint, after a reboot, most logs are flshed but you might get lucky on Debug Partition.

which stores what you need / want in a persistent way.

Just in case: which kind of devices?

Thanks! I’ll check the debug partition.

we use UD3-LX60 devices

one more question @member: makes it sense to enable the persistent log partition (100 MiB) in System/Logging? we only use the igel for a horizon view session. so it should not have impact on storage or performance – or does it?


Well, in my opinion it could add an additional layer of small performance usage, and storage degradation, even it might be a really really small impact. I‘m usually teaching to only activate it if needed.

okay thanks for your information! we’ll check the debug logs if the restart happens again

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