How to turn on “echo cancellation” by default on Citrix Linux client running on IGEL OS?

So Citrix, for whatever reason, decided to turn off echo cancellation “by default” in their latest Linux client. I hate it when Citrix does stuff like this, some people on my team consider Linux the pariah of Citrix and want to spend considerable time considering Windows based thin clients. Anyway, by default tells me there’s a way to turn it back on, anyone know how? The registry section had nothing useful.

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• Not sure about that tbh. but I would expect this might still apply on Windows : 32-bit computers: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARECitrixICA ClientEngineConfigurationAdvancedModulesClientAudioEchoCancellation

• 64-bit computers: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeCitrixICA ClientEngineConfigurationAdvancedModulesClientAudioEchoCancellation

Thanks! Would that apply to a change with the Linux version of Workspace? I’ll give it a shot. .. the release notes there go over how echo cancellation was removed by default. Some of our users are stubborn and wish to continue to use their built-in speakers for calls so I was hoping for a way to turn it back on

I figured / hope that iGel has a good “in” with higher level people at Citrix because us calling their support will result in, well, wasted time.

Sorry, had to search internally, this is what a colleague of mine got back from Citrix:

Here’s the explanation from Citrix

This a code level setting for WebRTC and nothing which we have the ability to configure afterwards. Due to all of the audio issue the echo cancellation feature of WebRTC caused, it was decided to disable it. Moving forward, several entities are pushing for google to resolve this in the WebRTC code so that it can, hopefully, be re-enabled at some point. The ball right now, is in their court

Neat. Thanks for the info!

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