How to turn on logging on the IGEL OS devices?

Using IGEL Pockets on wireless carts Firmware 11.02.150. Configured to use Horizon View with an additional profile to use the rollback option for Horizon view. The device group has its own profile to auto login to Horizon view and auto start the session as well as restart the session if disconnected. This has worked fine for a few months.

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After we upgraded our Horizon View environment to 7.1 and the Windows workstation clients to 5.2.0 we had issues using PCoIP this was our default connection protocol and what I used to setup our IGEL profiles. We had to switch to VMware Blast and unchecked Blast H.264 decoding and use the H.264 based rendering engine off. This corrected know display issues with Horizon view on the version we just upgraded to on windows client as well as the IGEL clients.

The issue I have now and I have limited details is once a week the IGEL devices in the device group I mentioned above the display goes black and does not respond the user has to reboot the device to get it to connect again. It is almost like the IGEL OS is locking up. It is only devices in this device group and the devices being reported are using the wireless adapter. My question is how do I turn on logging on the devices so I can see what is going on to cause the lockup and has anyone see this behavior before and knows how to correct it. Thanks

I guess first thing to check is the wifi connection.

If reception gets bad then your remote session can go unresponsive.

When Horizon client is stalled it still has keyboard and mouse grabbed which makes the whole desktop unresponsive when in fullscreen mode. It will however give the focus back if you press and release CTRL and ALT.

Then you can use the usual IGEL key combos like CTRL+Alt+Tab to get to the IGEL desktop.

and proceed to check if wifi reception is the problem.

If wifi is good you can use the UMS: Go to Help menu and choose Get Device files for support, choose your device and download a zip file containing the system messages and the Horizon logs, settings and so on.

If you unzip this, the system messages are in <MACADDR>/tmp/logfiles/messages.

However it’s a little like handling a Russian doll to get to the Horizon logs:

Go to <MACADDR>/var/log/ and unzip that and inside of that the logs are packed together for every session in var/log/vmware-view/horizon-<date-n-time>.tar.gz, which again must be unpacked and there you go.

Of course you can the original zip file as-is if you want to open a support ticket.

But about your current settings:

You said you had to use the rollback client. I guess this was because PCoIP had no sound output.

But since you run Blast now, you should try to switch back to the current version of Horizon Client. This is because the rollback client should only be used if really needed.

Thank you Jo I will test that.

Before digging into the Horizon-logs, you could add a special hot key which fires up a notification banner with some status info for the running Horizon session.

You do this by adding a custom application with the command `/config/bin/blastscore notify` and e.g. the key combo WINDOWS KEY + S.

However, the hotkey can only be processed by IGEL OS when Horizon Client yields the focus. It does this when you press CTRL+ALT and release it. Then you press the new hotkey WINDOWS KEY + S

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