How to uncompress a tar.bz2 file on IGEL OS?

Hi all,

Which are the proper custom commands to copy and uncompress a tar.bz2 file?

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Manually works, but apply a profile with those commands as custom command (Network, base, etc.) seems that doesn ́t work.


cd /folder/where/to/uncompress/file/

cp /wfs/file.tar.bz2 /folder/where/to/uncompress/file/

tar -xvf file.tar.bz2

First, I would just recommend doing the following

“`tar -xf /path/to/file.tar.bz2 -C /path/to/uncompressed/file/“`

As longs the directory exists you don’t have to do anything else

As for when you want to do that, it depends when you need the files to be there, and where they are stored. You should be storing the tar file in a Custom Partition or wfs so it’s persistent. After that, when do you need it to be extracted?

After each network initialization seems excessive.

Is a compressed file with all files from /custom/chrome/userhome/.config/google-chrome

If I type on a terminal my commands works fine, but if I apply it on a profile with Custom Commands nothing happens. :woman-shrugging:

If you are doing a CP, you should put it as part of the CP Init

That will be triggerred after the CP is loaded and the file object is mounted in the OS

Otherwise you are waiting for the CP to fully initialize and you it may or may not be ready when runnign the custom command

I tested it, but doesn ́t work. Can work with init file at the end?

“`tar -xf /path/to/file.tar.bz2 -C /path/to/uncompressed/file/ /custom/… init“`

“`tar -xjvf /path/to/foo.tar.bz2“`


I don’t understand what you posted @member

Why do you ahve an in your line?

You would need to add that line to your init script and the init section if you have one already

You are right. :man-facepalming: I did several tests and was late. 😅

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