How to update a Dell Wyse Thinclient to IGEL OS? Does UDC/OSC require a license?

Maybe it’s a simple thing, but i can’t seem to find the answer for it. If i want to update let’s say a Dell Wyse Thinclient 5070 to IGEL OS i need UDC 3. Is it free to download or is it based on a license? And is UDC 3 the only way to achieve what i want?

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Is the Dell device currently running an older version of IGEL OS, or another OS?

Either way, you need to order two items. Workspace Edition license + Maintenance Agreement for that license

Optionally, you can add the Enterprise Pack.

It is running Windows 10 IoT at this point

so there is not a free option?

THere is a 30 (or maybe 90) day free trial available from, but no, it is not free

And to be clear what would i need to get this to work?

Workspace Edition LIcense is the minimum.

That gives you access to UMS (Management Software).

I strongly recommend grabbing the trial license to get a feel for it all.

Yeah i forgot to mention i have 1 M330C Thinclient connected to UMS


Yes, defintely. I would go for the latest OSC:

You can download and install it:

Then you would need licenses:

Ah! Then assuming you are running UMS 6.x, just install IGEL OS 11 on the Dell device, scan for it from UMS – done.

A trial license can “talk” to UMS

And what if the trial expires?

The TC will continue to work, but it will no longer recieve changes from UMS. I think

Ah okay, i see. And just to try what is the best way to install IGEL OS on it?

I would create a USB Stick with the included preparestick.exe or rufus. You could use the PXE Appliance.

And where can i find it?

Did you see my post above?

Now i did, thank you very much!

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