How to update a file on IGEL UMS?

How to update a file?

I have some files on my devices, like a background image I want to change. I right click on the file in UMS, click on ‘Update file version’ and choose the updated file on my local file system. So the UMS should know that there is a newer file on the server.

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When will the devices pull the new file? Do I have to tell them?

Usually, it should check the checksum on next reboot. You can push everything by right clicking on the endpoint folder, Other Commands,Settings UMS>Device

Yes, that’s how I thought it would work. It works with ‘normal’ files, but doesn’t seem to work with files that were created / uploaded with the ‘Firmware Customization’ wizard. Even ‘Settings UMS -> Device’ doesn’t update the file.

Which UMS / Igel OS versions are you using?

UMS 6.02.110 and Igel OS

Hem, strange behavior. What happens when pushing a profile? Does that work instantly? Or removing the firmware customization and selecting apply now (instead of next reboot)?

I can apply a new firmware customization with another background image that gets changed instantly (by apply now).

It also seems to work with other files not assigned to a firmware customization profile.

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