How to update a IGEL OS client’s Comment field on UMS

Is there any IGEL OS 11 command that can update a client’s Comment field on UMS? Similar to how the “rmdb_register -t” command can update the structure tag. I’d like to run a script upon user login that fills in the last logged in user in UMS’s Comment field. If there is no command on the client, I can do this via API in conjunction with our centralized logger, but a local option would be less complex.

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May I ask a dumb question then? Why not using the User Login hostory which is already there by default?

I’ve never seen that have any data for us. We use Horizon + Imprivata. Is that combination compatible with logging data to that table?

Yes! for sure! here is a config: (see image in the IGEL Community on Slack)

Additionally, it would be great to see the last user when browsing the full directory view rather than having to drill into each client to see that user table

If you set command like above you can even search for the username in quicksearch:

I’ll give those settings a try… Thank you!

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