How to update a UMS to a newer version?

Hello community,

I have come as a new admin for an existing IGEL infrastructure. Little by little I am finding my way around. Currently I am stuck with the fact that our datacenter installed the UMS 6.07.100 server a few years ago, but I cannot find an installer for the appropriate management client. I think the installer from back then has been deleted.

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Does anyone know where I can get the Windows installer for UMS 6.07.100? IGEL support unfortunately always responds with other excuses instead of just providing me with the old installer.

As a beginner, I don’t want to upgrade the UMS right away, but rather continue working with the old system for now.

Thanks for any help!

That is a very old version that may not support more recent versions of IGEL OS.

There have been 14 versions of UMS released since ..

Hmm, thanks for the super quick reply Ron. As I said, I am still new to IGEL and appreciate any advice.

Can I just run a new UMS server with a current version or do I have to buy a new license for it?

Is there a good migration strategy from 6.07 to a current version? For example, is it possible to export and import the configurations?

Which version would you recommend me to use? Is it safe to just use the latest version?

Thanks a lot!

No license needed for UMS. Licenses are for the end-point (IGEL OS devices).

I would take a backup of the UMS database, a snapshot of the system, and then do installs of UMS to update to latest.

• 6.09.120

• 6.10.140

Make sure all is good, then move to taking another backup of the database, snapshot of the system, and then update the UMS Operating system.

Requirements for 6.10.140

I’ll give it a try the next days. Thanks a lot!

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